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Backtesting $39 /mo

Discover and optimize options strategies using our proprietary data analytics tools

key features

Historical investment performance
Trading strategy optimization
Historical trading cost analysis
Risk and scenario analysis
Systematic and discretionary strategies
Portfolio backtesting
Custom holding periods
Technical indicator conditions
Implied and realized volatility conditions
Backtest rules-based trade entries
Backtest earnings realease strategies
Backtest profit targets and stop losses
Backtest delta hedging strategies

Screening $29 /mo

Leverage our automated market search technology to find investment opportunities

key features

Scan ETFs and futures for opportunities
Scan U.S. companies for opportunities
Search for attractive covered calls
Search for attractive put-writes
Scan for unusual options trading activity
Scan trading volumes for opportunities
Scan put/call ratios and open interest
Scan market correlations for opportunities

Charting $29 /mo

Intuitive data visualizations that help you find investments under any market conditions

key features

Historical implied volatility charting
Relative value volatility charting
Volatility surface charting
Volatility skew charting
Volatility scatter plots
Forward curve charting

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All products include

1,200 U.S. stocks and ETFs
Energy, metals, FX, rates
Market alerts
Mobile and tablet access
Fast email support
World-class data uptime
Regular updates
256-bit SSL encryption

Our customers love us

Running an idea through Volatility has become a critical part of my trading process. It's saved me from making costly mistakes and helps me find winning strategies.

― Robert Sajeki

Easily one of the most impressive financial tools I have used. Backtesting allows me to test trades in a very custom fashion. It saves me a ton of time.

― Amrit Saini

I'm finding trades I never would have been able to before. I really like the ability to quickly analyze options trades.

― Iyad Abbas

It used to be that only the best quant managers had tools like this. The value here is awesome.

― Alex Wilson

Volatility is more powerful than a Bloomberg Terminal for options analysis and is like 90% cheaper.

― Tanmay Kumar

A must-have for any options trader.

― Michael Luu

4.8/5.0 Average Customer Review

Common use cases

Portfolio Managers and Institutional Traders

Backtesting + Screening + Charting + Data Export

  • Quickly backtest and optimize complex strategies
  • Screen for opportunities across global options markets
  • Easily scour historical options data for opportunities
  • Export data to Excel and systems (contact us for this)
  • and more ...

Private Wealth Advisors

Backtesting + Screening + Charting

  • Backtest and optimize investment ideas, portfolios, systematic strategies, and hedging overlays
  • Screen for covered call and put writing opportunities
  • Produce intuitive charts and analytics to display to clients
  • and more ...

Personal Investors

Backtesting + Screening

  • Backtest and optimize investment ideas, systematic strategies, and hedging overlays
  • Screen for covered call and put writing opportunities
  • Quickly evaluate and optimize trading risk and return
  • and more ...


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